Do you need to take off and go on a desert island? Do you have a family event to prepare? Do you want to crack on the latest flat screen LCD which goes perfectly with the decor of your living-room and home entertainment with its ultra sophisticated Dolby digital? With a personal loan, all projects are feasible! The personal loan is a consumer credit as part of a revolving credit.

You can buy what you like without any constraints, regardless of whether you want renovations in the house or to buy a vehicle or get registration at a private school… The personal loan consists of a lump sum equal to the loan for your project. The loan period is set between the borrower and the lending institution (bank) at the moment of subscription. The interest that is charged to the borrower in addition to the monthly payments is calculated from the rate. The borrower is totally free of the money given to them: no proof can be claimed. By signing a contract for a personal loan, the borrower benefits from the protection provided by law. With a consumer Credit, the user is protected especially at the time of withdrawal. Regarding the personal loan, it is repayable over a fixed term at signing the contract and monthly installments are set. Its main drawback is that it is not to be interrupted along the way: if the specific property is damaged or not delivered to the borrower, they will be obliged to continue the repayment of the personal loan.

You can perform simulations with various funding agencies in order to choose the best personal loan and find the financing that best fits your project. You can apply for personal loan online on the website of the GMF, for example. The loans start at 1500 euro and the refunds spread between 12 and 60 months. No evidence or proof of the purchase is required from the customer. All you need to do is to choose the amount needed and the length of the credit! Know that the loan can be changed in midstream without penalty! As for the interest charged, it takes an overall effective rate is fixed every year (APR), a rate of between 4.90% and 8.30%. Most banks offer personal loan. Whether the BNP Paribas, the Northern Credit, the People’s Bank, the Agricultural Credit, the CL or the HSBC, all compete by trying to lure customers with unbeatable interest rates. There are also tens of funding agencies specializing in consumer credits (or mortgages), such as Sofinco, Cetelem, Finaref, Empruntis, Matmut, Cofidis, Mediatis or AGF… You can have your pick! Also note that if you have several loans at one of these agencies, you can make a purchase credit for all together and have only one monthly payment to make! Also, if you lose your job or you are dismissed during the credit, you can consider taking the insurance for the personal loan by signing your contract because it will cover your monthly payments until you find a new job!
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